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We Provide a 24 Hour Call-out Service

You will always be able to contact us for an emergency visit, or another doctor, under our emergency number 648.779.659.

We offer this service in cooperation with three more surgeons in our area on a rotation basis.

All practitioners who participate in the night duty service are completely equipped to help you at home when necessary, they all speak various languages.

If you have a private medical insurance please note that there will be an extra fee for this service and also that not all doctors attend to all insurances.

Always ask if the attending doctor works with your insurance. In case he/she doesn’t and you don’t want to use his/her services, please contact the telephone number of the 24-hour service of your insurance company, they will find assistance for you.

The Doctors We Cooperate With

  • 24 Hour Emergency

    648.779.6597 days a week

Dr.Max Mertens / Clinica Benissa

Dra.María Alfaro / Clinica Moraira

Dr.Erik Rempt / Clinica La Ermita